Hello everyone! Welcome to the OU Women’s Outreach Center’s blog.

The Women’s Outreach Center (WOC) is a part of Student Life at OU that focuses on issues that disproportionately affect women on our campus. Whether we’re doing sexual assault peer education with students, teaching others how to benchmark their salaries, handing out condoms on Valentine’s Day, or hosting a fundraiser for local charities, the WOC strives to share new perspectives on issues that historically and currently affect women. We encourage you to check out our website, www.ou.edu/womensoc for more detail about the programs and services we offer to the OU student population.

We have awesome interns who will be blogging for us this fall and will talk about their specific program areas and issues. Look forward to videos from our campus where students talk about issues important to them and what they think about WOC programming. Please check our Facebook and Twitter as well for updates and information.

At this time, we are a “no comments” blog space. This blog is maintained by the staff at the WOC and we can answer any questions or concerns you may have at woc@ou.edu (be sure to include the word “blog” in your subject line).

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned throughout the semester to see what we have planned!

Interested in volunteering for the WOC? Email woc@ou.edu for more information and to get on our weekly email list.