Bobby Mace – LGBTQ Affairs Intern

This summer, I joined the Women’s Outreach Center and Student Affairs as the new LGBTQ Affairs Intern. To get ready for the upcoming year, I attended the Campus Pride leadership camp at Vanderbilt in Nashville. It was an amazing experience with students from all across America coming together to learn how to enact change on their college campuses. We networked, made action plans, and really grew together as LGBTQ leaders.

We have several great new student leaders on our new LGBTQ Advisory Board: Madeline Ambrose, Whitney Patterson, Duke Lambert, Haley Brown, Ashley Weston, Mandy Hardin, and Brenton Wimmer. We just had our planning retreat, and we have some wonderful plans for programming and campus improvement! If you’re interested in volunteering, let us know; we always need you!

To go with our Sooner Ally program, we’re having new brown bag lunches throughout the year. Several people have expressed interest in more in-depth training sessions. To keep training lengths short, we are offering these one-hour sessions supplementary to the primary training. Be sure to stop by the Women’s Outreach Center to see us or just email to sign up!

(From left to right: Whitney, Duke, Madeline, Brenton, Bobby, Haley, Mandy)