Holly A. Frink – Interpersonal Violence Awareness Intern

Hello, fellow advocates! Hope your semesters are off to great start. This is my second semester interning with the Women’s Outreach Center, my first Fall, and our programs are tremendous. It has been so busy around here with all we have going on.

We are preparing for Rape Awareness Week. This week-long campaign begins the 27th of September, the Monday prior to the October 2, Saturday, or OU vs. TX. Right now I am personalizing SPF-15 Spearmint lip balms for our fight against sexual assault. We will be tabling in the union, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm giving them away for FREE along with some other handouts.

Rape Awareness Week intends to acknowledge the fact that college students are at particularly high risk of sexual assault. The US Dept. of Justice reported in 2008 that 1 in 6 college students experience rape or attempted rape.

We encourage students to STEP IN and SPEAK OUT against sexual assault. If you are witness to a situation that could potentially lead to a sexual assault, an effective way to prevent it is for an uninvolved bystander to step in. Here are some things you can do:

DIRECT: If a girl gets drunk at a party and you see a guy escorting her away from the crowd, STEP IN. Tell him she’s with you; you’ll take care of her. She doesn’t need to be out of sight of the rest of her friends.

DISTRACT: Stay with them and try not to let them out of sight. Jump in, even if it makes you feel awkward or rude. Be rude. Change the subject and lead her away from the guy.

DELEGATE: If these don’t work, delegate the responsibility to someone who may be in a better position to help. Tell her friends that she needs to leave or call the police. Legally, if she is drunk she cannot give consent to sex.

Remember, rapists usually don’t want to get caught more than they want to commit rape.


Come stop by the office on the second floor of the union anytime Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm to see how you can get involved, grab some free protective goodies, or say hello to our awesome staff!

Have a wonderful week!